Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello friends,

My friend and webmaster, Paul Verduchi, surprised me via e-mail today in honor of my upcoming birthday with a very timely song about our important connection to Mother Earth. It's called 'No No No' by Archie Roach, an Australian born Aboriginal guitarist/singer/songwriter.

Thank you, Paul!

It goes like this:

No, No, No

Standing on a mountaintop listening to the land.
Make them stop please make them stop this burning in my brain.
People they're just passing by,
They don't understand, they can't hear our mother cry.
No they can't hear her pain

No, No, No

Feel our anger, feel our rage. How much can we take?
We're living in a nuclear age. What the hell for?
You cut our mother, watch her bleed and dig your yellowcake
When everyone has had a feed, you can go and kill some more.

No, No, No

I reach out and look around and tears fill up my eyes...

I try but can't block out the sound of crying in my ears,
So take a walk with me, my friend, you might be surprised.
Before our journey's at an end you might even hear!

No, No, No

I kiss the land, I kiss her cheek and nestle at her breast,
Then I ear my mother speak. She says we're one-you and I.

No, No, No...

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